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butterfingerYou've heard of things that are so bad, they're good? Well Butterfingers are so good, they're bad.

I actually love Butterfingers, but they've got a terrible tag line. They should have never changed from the Shirley Bassey commercial to “I love an Extra Bite!” to “Nobody better lay a finger on my butter finger”.

It sounds like a phrase an ad agency would have come up with in the late seventies, followed by “proud sponsor of this movie theater” but it began in nineties when they commissioned Bart to eat his shorts on his skate board and sing the candy's praises.

No wonder I didn't watch The Simpsons as a kid, I had every right to assume it was way stupid with all the t-shirts as my reference point… Bartman, Rasta Bart, the phrase Cowabunga!, none of these conjured images of an adult animated series written by Ivy League grads. Still, even then, I had to agree with Bart.

I love butterfingers so much that I hid the bag in a drawer at my party and have gained what I call “my Butterfinger pounds” over the Halloween holiday, which is really the worst thing about them and why they are on this list.

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Posted on November 12, 2007

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