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buttercream cupcakesWith eyes bigger than their tummies, my sister and her fianc? got a dozen sugary cupcakes from the Buttercup Bakery. We reaped the benefits and got to partake in a few on a rainy afternoon. Cupcakes and clouds go together really well by the way. These treats will be familiar to those fans of what has come to be the “New York” style cupcake thanks to Sex and the City featured Magnolia. Not a surprise as Buttercup owner Jennifer Appel use to co-own that hot spot before reported fighting had her off and opening her own upper side cupcake destination.

The two competing cupcakes taste about the same. The icing is sugary and done in a rainbow of pastel with little chatchkies, the cake is decently moist and everbody's happy. Well, we're happy at least, not sure if the bitter cupcake feuds are still brewing.

Buttercup has an East and a West side location and Appel has a cookbook out now.

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Posted on October 13, 2008

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