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bun grand st sohoIt's often hard to convince people to pay a little extra for dishes that they can easily get in Chinatown for way cheaper, but the fairly new Soho spot Bun, which specializes in the Vietnamese dish, has plenty to recommend it.

The interior, for one, is more upscale than the places in Chinatown – places I totally adore, but this narrow restaurant, with it's wooden booths and flattering lighting is the kind of spot you'd rather bring your mom to if she were visiting (even if the men's bathroom only has a urinal). And I do hope to bring her here since she adores bun.

Bun, pronounced, booon, is a traditional Vietnamese dish with thin rice noodles, topped with fresh veggies and often meat and Nuoc Cham, though?the varieties are endless.

Here the options include some great, fresh tasting ingredients like lamb meatballs, apple, Berkshire pork, papaya, and shiitake. On a previous visit, my friend Laura spoke to the owner, who was thrilled to found all sorts of interesting ingredients through the wonder of the internet. He is a man passionate about his food and it shows.

Our shared Shrimp, Pork Belly Roll was also great and I look forward to sampling more of the menu including the more exotic dishes like wild boar blood sausage and duck hearts.

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Posted on May 5, 2008

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