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77 Norman Ave, Greenpoint

When Jim and I were faced with the new Brooklyn Mac sign, he hoped it stood for mac and cheese as opposed to daddy mac – a store that, I supposed would sell Chess King suits, condoms and bongs maybe?

Well, fortunately for him – he was in luck. Just as the hardly-ever-open catering and take out nook moved out, a tiny mac and cheese shop moved in. Unfortunately, they haven’t quite gotten the comfort food dish down pat, at least to my liking.

Don’t get me wrong, the cheese was good and gooey in the Kings County and the smoked gouda and bacon melded perfectly on the second one we tried (can’t recall the name). However, the dense meal – we could collectively only make a dent in half of each size small in one sitting – is kind of like eating a plate of yummy but health destroying cheese.

The mac to cheese ratio needs to be sorted out a bit to make it less intense and easier to go down. But they are brand new and offer so many menu options, I could probably even customize with more pasta and less cheese next time.

I will definitely not loose anymore baby weight if I make it part of my weekly routine, but it is tempting with it opening so close by and offering one of life’s best cold weather remedies.

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Posted on December 14, 2010

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