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brick cityHave you heard about the Newark airport? It's like the Newark of airports! That's the kind of joke that the optimistic and inspiring mayor of the city, Cory Booker would like to see fade away. Once a thriving community, Newark has become a symbol of crime, drugs, and everything people once feared about the “inner city”. To see the real life struggle to turn that around is harrowing, uplifting, heartbreaking, and intense.

The documentary series Brick City is definitely going to be touted as a real life version of The Wire and the similarities seem intentional on the part of the makers (including producer? Forest Whtiacker). Each segment begins with a quote from one of the main characters and every aspect of the city is explored – from politics, schools, families, and police.

While it may seem too close a structure to the popular fictional series, I think it was wise for the filmmakers to structure this in a familiar way. Looking at the real life darkness and struggle of such a torn apart area is not always easy and any way the film makers can get our attention is fine with me.

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Posted on September 28, 2009

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