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annettes chocolates by brent micro brew beer brittleBrent's Beer Brittle (available locally at Dean and Deluca) is a seasonal treat but not one that, as you might expect, particularly tastes like beer. That's OK, though because the flavor is excellent- this is the best brittle I've ever had. Very salty but sweet, it's not as sugary as most brittles out there and I don't even mind the inevitable peanuts.

Online the confection can be purchased at Annette's for actually much less than I got it for at the overpriced you know who. They also offer a Chardonnay Brittle and a Fiery version of the beer, which I can only assume is great.

I had a disastrous try at making brittle myself not too long ago (it never, ever hardened – I think I made it way too thick and didn't cook it long enough) but if you want to try your hand here are a couple recipes. If it turns out ok for you, could make for some delicious handmade holiday gifts.

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Posted on December 1, 2008

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