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brand upon the brainI know I am giving short notice, but if you can get tickets to the last of this awe inspiring run, you certainly should. Isabella Rossellini is the guest narrator for the remaining shows and she will be perfect for the film.

The film itself is both beautiful and at times genuinely disturbing. While not my favorite of his pieces, it is one of those experiences that comes back to haunt you after the fact. A scene or line from the movie will pop up and you remember all the special, humorous moments.

The real thrill, however, goes beyond the movie. For a limited run, there are live folley artists, who are fascinating to watch as they lend sound to the silent film, a live orchestra performing a melodic score by Jason Staczek, a live guest narrator – we saw a healthy looking Crispin Glover and nearly swooned in his presence, and an eerie real castrato, and an awkward introduction from the director himself. All together this is a singular thrilling experiment to bear witness to.

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Posted on May 14, 2007

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