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bookscans databaseWelcome to one of the greatest time passers I've come across recently. I applaud the dedicated person or persons that scanned in all these timeless, inspiring, and great vintage book covers for The Book Scans Database. I labor of love if there ever was and we get to reap the rewards.

The covers are divided by publisher and it's interesting to see the differences between them. I am particularly fond of the backs of the Dell mysteries. They feature wonderfully illustrated and stylized maps of suburbs, countries, and murder scenes.

Ballantine, too has a wonderful assortment of trippy science fiction covers, the kind of inventive and interesting images that make the stock blurry Corbis photo cover with bland typography that curses our generation of books seem even more sad in their blandness.

I have grabbed so many images from these pages for inspiration. For color, for layout, for illustration, for imagery, for typography, there is so much here to get excited about. So get ready to see hours of your life pass in a paperback haze.

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Posted on April 7, 2008

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