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100 N. 3rd St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We read a lot and therefor had a few hefty boxes of good books to give away with our recent cleaning overhaul. I figured we’d just drop them off at one of the local used book shops and for once, actually enjoy the idea of store credit. I found this simple task far more difficult than I could have imagined. One place, after we dragged a box in (after they previously told us they took books) decided it was too much work to go through the box because they didn’t feel well, another nameless spot only looked at books one inconvenient day a week, yet another told us basically to not even bother because they were “so selective” (was this a used book store or a Manhattan private school??)

With so many fails we nearly gave up until I discovered a small article about Book Thug Nation. This excellent shop takes your books any day of the week and most importantly, have great taste. This means your good books get swooped up and there are plenty of intreguing books to choose from with the store credit.

Of course, the quality of the selection still applies even if you’re not selling including a section of nice art books and walls of fiction titles from all the authors you actually want to read (Vonnegut, Boyle, Sedaris, Price, etc.). The space is also used for a broad variety of events from comedy shows to readings. Check in with their website for the upcoming calendar.

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Posted on September 5, 2010

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