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Bond StMany reviews of this upscale sushi house mentioned Brett Easton Ellis and all things expensive and decadent associated with him. And while the experience did not fall far from the connotation, the elegant, dark room fed more wealthy parents visiting their kids than Patrick Batemans or Victor Wards, but maybe that's just the way it goes on a Wednesday. The sake cocktails are on par with any top notch sake bar and since you will probably be going to this pricey hotspot for a special occasion, the cocktails will flow, perhaps a bit too easily.

The decor pulls of the strange feat of being both intimate and clubby and the staff was surprisingly bitch-free. But the real reason to come to Bond St. is the food. Otherwise all the other bells and whistles wouldn't matter. If you are adventurous and have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, opt for one of the chef's menus. We had the sushi chef selection at fifty per person plus a couple extra rolls – the spicy tuna (fresh and appropriately spicy) and soba zushi (buckwheat noodle and large chunks of crab). I can't explain all the treats in the chef's selections (too many saketinis to remember), but not only was the sushi fresh (which is hard enough to come by in the city), the meal was also exciting, with varied textures and flavors making for a memorable and unique dining experience.

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Posted on January 8, 2007

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