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boba fetHow is it that Boba Fett, who hardly speaks, who is a hired killer of sweethearts like Luke Skywalker, and–most importantly–never shows his face, can be so attractive a character? And let's just pretend the prequels don't exist because I refuse to put any of my long standing sexual attraction into a round headed New Zealand kid. And we'll also forget the long and detailed Mandalorian history that I just can't devote a lifetime to being interested in.

Fett was a cloned bounty hunter in a killer outfit of perfectly faded bright hues (Adidas should make a shoe based on him). The masked menace was mysteriously released to the public as an action figure before ever appearing on film, instantly omitting heat waves of intrigue and allure to kids everywhere. He appeared in the Star Wars Christmas Special (again before in any of the films) but even this lame introduction to the screen failed to put a dent in his total, rock solid coolness.

He's like the coolest guy in Star Wars high school, even making wise cracking Han Solo seem a little nerdy in comparison.

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Posted on August 4, 2008

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