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bob rossBob Ross is fondly remembered. Even as I was about to write this a coworker mentioned his soft pleasing voice and the way he could render a happy little mountain within minutes. Running from 1983 til his sad death in 1995, his calm demeanor on his show The Joy of Painting will be remembered by anyone growing up in those decades.

Perhaps that's the most impressive thing about Bob Ross, not the kitsch value of his paintings and afro, but the fact that he had so many children watching his show. Actually watching it, like for fun. I think it was his encouraging attitude, calling mistakes “happy accidents” and his constant reassurance that anyone could paint, that everyone was creative and talented. Maybe it was his kindness to the injured animals he would rescue in his yard.

Whatever it was that kept us mesmerized, I know his tranquil presence is very much missed on the loud, obnoxious TV today. Many people remember where they were when Kurt Cobain died. I also remember being told Bob Ross had passed.

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Posted on February 18, 2008

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