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bo diddley albumLast week was a sad one. Yves Saint Laurent, fashion design legend, died at the age of seventy one only to be followed by “The Originator” Bo Diddley.

remember listening to his self titled album Bo Diddley in dad's car in junior high. The growling songs like I'm A Man, Hush Your Mouth, Who Do You Love, and the again self titled Bo Diddley and Hey! Bo Diddley were electric to my ears. I had grown up a fan of the fifties. I had 50's themed birthday parties and freaked out totally when Fuddruckers opened. The fascination must have stemmed from Stand by Me, but the world of Bo Diddley's fifties was something muskier, something manlier, something I couldn't quite put my twelve year old finger on, but I liked it.

He became a household name for more than his music when he was featured on the catchy Bo don't know Diddley ads of the late eighties. He was seventy nine years old when he died of a heart attack.

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Posted on June 9, 2008

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