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blue stove mini piesJust next door to Fanny is Blue Stove, a bright and airy bakery run by a friend of a friend (a lovely slave to the stove named Rachel) offering an array of home baked pies in unique and classic flavors like pecan (with an excellent sweet cream topping), cherry, key lime, and blackberry mousse. Just like Fanny, it's situation in a slightly less traveled section of Williamsburg makes it feel more like a secret spot frequented by in-the-know locals rather than a passing trend.

There's no static menu, you're limited to ordering only what has sparked the baker's fancy, but I can promise (now having sampled three little pies, which was the perfect amount for a four guest dinner party) that everything is absolutely top notch. Before the bakery moved in to this adorable space with its a peekaboo pantry, black and white tile floors, beautifully aged pressed tin, and homemade welcome sign, the baker would take orders and deliver pies to those with a sweet tooth for fresh baked goods, building up a quite a reputation among those who prefer their pies without a lot of artificial junk.

We loved the pies we grabbed to go, but there's an array of large tables should you prefer your sweet to stay with a cup of coffee or tea.

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Posted on March 23, 2009

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