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blue star colorado springsWe knew something wonderful was a foot in Colorado Springs when Blue Star opened its doors in Old Colorado City (it has since moved to S. Tejon). We were really going have a sleek sophisticated restaurant with excellent food! The family was?happy and most celebrations, including my engagement party and an ill fated beginning to a loveless prom were to be held within it's brightly painting but dimly lit walls.

When Joseph Coleman Jr opened the doors in 1995 local critics, in true “local critic” form claimed the restaurant was too trendy and gave it a year tops to live. Well, it's still there and still the place to go to for fine, innovative dining in my home town.

It's my dad's favorite local place, and I plan on going there on my next visit home. The menu changes monthly and includes market options like fresh duck, veal, and tuna as well as cosmopolitan goodies like tuna tartar and Thai green curry stewed pork. There wine and spirits menu is also impressive. It was here that I tried a white port that I still remember fondly to this day.


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Posted on June 9, 2008

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