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black rabbit bar greenpointIt's so thrilling to finally (after five years of living here) have a real favorite local bar. Sure, there have been some I frequented often and there have been some I've had a passing love for, but Black Rabbit is different.

Lovingly decorated like a haunted mansion, this new Greenpoint haunt has atmosphere to spare, a wonderful beer list (which includes Six Point) and a surprisingly polite and helpful staff. The semi private booths are ideal for conversation and, unlike other new Greenpoint arera bars, it does not suffer from being over lit (who thinks to make a bar super bright anyways? The trend is baffling).

I hope this place stays just the way it is without an overwhelming influx of loud young crowds (the problem which caused my break up with Royal Oak). So don't come if you are obnoxious, which I can't imagine any of you are.

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Posted on August 6, 2007

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