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French macaroons are having their day in the sun. With all the new spots specializing in them, one might even say the kind of obnoxious phrase “they’re the new cupcakes”.

After sampling Little Oven I stumbled across Bisous Ciao in the lower east side, a formal affair with gallery lighting, black gift boxes and gloved cookie servers who were surely slash models.

It seemed set up to really appeal to the Soho visitor, but I was compelled by the promise of exotic macaroon flavors, most notably Violet, a candy flavor I adore (but is certainly an acquired taste).

In my recent Little Oven review I said it’s what’s inside that counts and Bisous Ciao boasts creamy yumminess.

But I have to say, they fall a little short on the cookie that was too soft and lacked that macaroon flaky crunch.


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Posted on October 12, 2011

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