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big nudes decendingPost porn modernist Annie Sprinkle has been a grand figure in the movement to demystify and embrace sexuality as a healthy part of human life; a former porn star and prostitute she has since worked as a performance artist and an educator.

In a recent performance in France, she was inspired by the space's winding staircase and, in homage to Marcel Duchamp, she and partner Elizabeth Stephens disrobed. Sprinkle had this to say: ??br/>

As we had not appeared nude in public since gaining some extra pounds, it would take some courage to show our new bigger bodies. We were in the Yellow Year, the Year of Courage, and Year of the Belly. So there was no doubt that we had to do it. Sometimes we love our big bellies, sometimes we don't. But when we do performance art, we always love our bellies exactly as they are.

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Posted on February 9, 2009

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