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B&H Photo VideoIf you have ever needed to buy film or photo equipment in the city, you surely have visited this mecca. Not only are they almost assured to have what you are looking for (we've found both film and batteries for a twenty year old land camera), they will probably know all about it. You can easily spend an hour or more just taking in all the gadgets and cool stuff you may or may not be able to afford.The conveyer belt system is a modern marvel and worth a visit to see alone. Of course, as you may already be aware, the store is closed most of this month for the high holidays. The store is owned and mostly run by hasidic jews. In fact it's operation is a huge part of the orthodox community, employing hundreds of people. It's become a New York institution after surviving its competitors for thirty years.

ALSO!! I and my fellow travelers have just returned from ye olde Renn Faire and must warn ye that if you shall be wanting to partake in the fun, ye must make haste! It be ending Sept 23. When the crow flies over the mountain. See what fun it be here for thineself.

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Posted on September 10, 2007

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