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Beyond the Valeey of the Dolls“This is my happening and it freaks me out! ” Thanksgiving is the holiday of excess and this weeks blog is all about decadence and indulgence, two things Russ Meyer and Roger Ebert know something about. Nothing is subtle or under-done in this trippy, groovy movie.

The editing is spastic, the sets are eye popping and garish, the costumes are over the top, and of course, this being a Meyer film, there is nudity and sex in every nook and cranny he could stick them. Word is Ebert was equally sex-happy while writing this film and if he ever got on Meyer's nerves on set, he'd have a girl “sit on his face”.

The ladies are hot: from the man-eater porn actress “Ashley St. Ives”, to the cute redhead rock singer with stars in her eyes “Kelly MacNamara”, to the soft spoken and devoted beautiful black girl drummer “Petronella Danforth”, to the shy foxy guitarist with lesbian tendencies “Casey Anderson”. And the men they tango with aren't so bad either. There's the brokenhearted, naive ex-boyfriend and manager “Harris Allsworth” who looks like a prototype for Paul Rudd, the bedroom-eyed gold digging blonde “Lance Rocke”, and of course The Z Man: the lunatic fairy sensation “Ronnie Barzell”.

The dialogue is priceless, almost every line is quotable. I am shocked this doesn't make the midnight movie scene more often. By the way, this movie has nothing to do with this week's book, they were just riding on the success of the novel (kind of like if Uwe Boll made a movie called “Beyond the Da Vinci Code” but had a disclaimer up front that it had nothing to do with the book The Da Vinci Code and the characters were always having sex and or naked).

This classic is finally available on DVD so please do enjoy!

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Posted on November 20, 2006

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