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bette midlerYou won't be seeing the Divine Miss M anytime soon in my movie picks, unless I revisit a favorite from my childhood, Ruthless People, which come to think of it… Bill Pullman as the stupidest man on earth; a full tits out car sex scene (this was a wonder for my young eyes); a sleaze ball Devito; Judge Reinhold as a sincere and incompetent kidnapper; a weird serial killer subplot and the diva herself… maybe you will actually be seeing her soon. But I can safely say she won't make my album category. Not that I'm trying to give the girl a hard time by pointing out her faults, I just want to make a point that whether one is a fan of her product or not, one has to appreciate her style.

She was loud and proud as “bathhouse Betty” in the 70s, earning the nickname for her role as an entertainer in gay bathhouses. Now a days she's known for her devotion to revitalizing neglected neighborhood parks and starting the New York Restoration Project. Plus she was one smoking hot odd looking girl, just look at this photo where she evokes Nancy Spungen and the goddess Venus.

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Posted on September 10, 2007

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