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So, with the help of the iphone app I bring you my top 20 looks of New York Fashion Week (plus menswear and additional favorites after the jump).

They seem to have broken down into: Patterns, Layering, Dresses, and for the first time I found myself in love with lots of pants and sweaters, two things I rarely wear.

Proenza Schouler, whose charmed life and American Psycho good looks always put me off a little, have been gaining my love lately, first with neon lace and now managing to make a newly overplayed and dead trend – Navajo – into the most obviously “it” look of the season.

I love the silhouette created by the Rachel Roy look and wonder why I don’t have a shawl collar blazer. But no matter, I plan to pull this off with just popping my collars, finally putting some of my lovely scarves to use in ascot form, belting it all up and matching with a printed skirt. Anyone can do it!

Suno, one of the lines I now always look forward to (and who is half designed by an old school mate making Colorado Springs proud!) is excellent with the prints and this season they are layered ingeniously. The whole collection is worth looking at for ideas to stack and clash, but I particularly love this apron look.

And Gary Graham – while not every look was my favorite, I will be having dream upon dream about this coat and even find myself a bit envious that I can’t pull off a printed legging as pants look (that is really, oh so wrong for oh so many but looks fabulous on shown teeny tiny bewigged zombie girl).

Another do it yourself-er with this fabulous Doro Olowu look. Simply grab maxi skirt (I might need to invest in a flowy one for Spring into Fall) pair with long cardigan (I plan to borrow from Jim), add a high ribbon or belt and again, more good use for those scarves we all have lying around.

This A Detacher look seems simple but stands out for the cozy color, texture and length combos. Looks like one of those easy looks that grace the street style blogs and leaves you wondering how some women have it so easy looking effortlessly gorgeous. This is tougher to pull of with items for your closet since each piece needs to work with each other perfectly. Otherwise, this could be dumpy. But worth keeping an eye out for all the pieces.

You say “lace skirt” and I don’t automatically think tweed men’s blazers, English lace up boots and  dainty florals, but all put together at Organic, it’s quietly spectacular. I can’t wait to throw lace into unexpected places.

And while layers of ecru is always ethereal and nice, Nanette Lepore makes them cool too with textures.

This exaggerated look from Chris Benz is possibly my overall favorite even if I am far too short and curvy to pull it off myself. I’d still like to play with  the idea and see what I can come up with for my frame.

And the good pants keep coming with Chadwick Bell who highlights the trend of loose but tailored pants with long belted sophistication up top.

Which is done in another beautiful way over at Richard Chai.

Now this Margiela look is very cool girl of the moment, from the greasy hair on her head to the black knee high leather boots on her toes. It’s a look I usually have no problem with but am not partial to, but there’s something in this particular execution that has left me loving it. Maybe it’s the addition of faux yeti and those killer boots that I will never find to fit me properly.

If I could realistically ask for one item this Fall, I’d seriously consider this jacket by United Bamboo. How anyone could make me love something that features one of my least favorite things – shearling – is beyond me.

This DKNY look may not be a standout to most, but there is something about the over sized red and pink stripes that is tugging at my memory. Like from the first days of really getting into fashion magazines in the late 80’s early 90’s. Was it Mizrahi? Or is Donna repeating herself? Either way, I hope H&M knocks off this look because there’s nothing I want more than a cheery Freddy Krueger sweater in these colors.

MMMM M. Patmos makes me want to get all squishy and cuddly in these flattering layers of knit.

And Preen nails the fine line between totally weird and totally wearable with this Q-bert esque sweater that looks comfortable under a slick suit as shown, but could accompany almost any look from jean skirts to sequin minis. Too bad finding a substitute for a sweater this unique will prove to be incredibly challenging.

And my evening wear coat pick would have to be this bold, bright Marchesa – the start to another derivative but insanely lovely line.

I had to look up who “The Row” was. Should I be more embarrassed that I didn’t realize it was the Olsen twins or that this big socks, tiny belt, black gloves and huge fur hat look is one of my very favorites of the whole season?

The shape of this little Tibi dress is perfect!

And who knew BCBG could be so inspiring? And with turtlenecks no less?

Impossible to do with what’s in Jim’s closet – because who really has a shirt and jacket in the same pattern? But I do love the way it looks.

Bespoken is the only collection I grabbed two looks from and this one is great. While lots of olde timey menswear can look like a costume (including others in the line) this is an old fashioned cut that looks incredibly modern. Yay for double breasted making a small comeback.

This Marc coat is way nice and I love it paired with plaid pants. I need to get Jim some plaid pants like this.

Great layering. Rolled up jacket, button down shirt peaking out, bold but subtle stripes and crisp pants. Only few men would go through the trouble of assembling all the pieces for this preppy but urban look.

Below are more of my favorite looks of the season plus one bonus men’s look that might just be the ugliest thing I witnessed. (It’s not the Slime sweater – I actually like that)

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Posted on February 18, 2011

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  • From Krista Brown on February 18, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Gorgeous round-up Brittany. I will have to snag this app! You’ve always had impeccable taste, and you’ll be proud to know that I’m joining Erin on Suno’s design team working on the finer points of fit and technical minutae. Double Cheyenne mayhem! Small world… Van will be the first to know when I convince Erin & Max that the world needs Suno Men’s and Suno Baby. 😉

  • From Brittany on February 19, 2011 at 7:55 am

    Thanks for reading!!
    Congrats on the Suno job. Go CMHS!! I’d offer my print/graphic services, but that’s the last thing they need help with.
    Yes, the app was awesome in that it let me see all of the shows while Van has been on a growth spurt and constantly attached to me.
    Though, now it’s acting wonky, so I might have to reload it. Is it possible I wore it out with fashion week overload?
    Keep on Erin about Suno Baby 🙂