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Meh. Milan just didn’t offer as much this season to get me excited, I thought a lot was strangely dated and unflattering -but on the positive side, Fendi was fab. I had a hard time deciding between looks to feature (I included the fur vest evening look below the jump) but decided on this great stylish secretary look that plays with colored tights and an update to the pussy bow shirt of the 70’s.

Gucci also combined colors in a way that evokes working empowered women of the Me decade. It’s hard to make a huge fur coat look wearably smart and not too dressy but here it is.

Armani shows usually mean sifting through several thousand looks (or so it seems) of relative repetition, but in the mini trend of huge floor grazing scarves/wraps none could be better than this one.

Though Etro did a similar look well mixing all black with a pop of busy print.

This Antonio Marras look is perfectly chic. And after finding the perfect pleated black maxi (after just saying it would be impossible – thank you About Glamour for being so awesome!) I now know that I also need a striped French inspired boat neck sweater.

And the maxi skirt trend continues, this time in a gauzy chiffon(?) paired with a simple sweater and tote.

Jil Sander met the trend with a strange but appealing origami shape and a high waist. And though that boxy collard shirt is very now, it would probably be more wearable paired with something simpler.

I included this Moschino take on the maxi because I am so happy to see that the vintage Fredericks of Hollywood gold lame maxi dress I wore under tanks and tees this summer wasn’t just weird, but a look ahead of the curve.

What topsy turvydom! Roberto Cavalli had some of my favorite looks with it’s over the top gypsy mess. He may represent the ultimate in Euro trash, but I have to say I love the feathery, Stevie Nicks, shiny business that was going on at the throats. And this layered animals print gown is pretty killer.

Such a weird combo, but the high low mix of chunky sequins and prim turtleneck is pretty brilliant. I am going to scour my closets for similar mixing and matching.

Another sequined gem. Who couldn’t have more fun going out with a little flippy skirt like this?

D&G went out on their own with the vibrant, neon, 1980’s word print collection. It was a love it or hate it spectacle and I loved it – slowly but surely as each look emerged reminding me more and more of the old Vogues my sister and I used to go through when we were super young. In reality, pulling off any of these looks would be hard for most people, but anyone would add some pop to an outfit with just one piece this loud and fun.

While the lace tinged vintage prints will probably make all the fashion magazines, I was kind of taken with the idea of a plum suede culotte set!

Prada probably offered the most visible and defining “looks” with the drop waist flapper coat dresses and the fish scale sequins, but it was this white dress that I instantly responded to the most. Am crazy for the python boots too. Oh, and while the collection may have taken time to sink in and assess, one thing was perfectly clear – Muccia thinks you should be clutching your bag to your chest this season.

Some Trussardi looks were awkward but this furry skirt creation is impeccable. My sister recently got me a similar vintage piece – she always keeps me looking good with unique birthday gifts!

The hem detailing on this over sized jacket/skirt combo is incredible. It reminds me of the seashore….

… as does this embellished number by Iceberg.

I liked Dolce and Gabbana’s take on the star print – but in a lot of looks I had a hard time getting past the fanny pack things. So I offer this great embellished shift that is unusually paired with a mini star print blouse. A cute way to reinterpret those dressy vintage mini dresses I have lying around.

Not totally sure what’s going on this this possible fringed, possible beaded, possibly lace outfit, but I really, really like it.

Several pieces in the Armani collections had me thinking he was a little off his rocker – and when the face tunic came out, I knew I wasn’t wrong. Still, this gown with elaborate neck piece is gorgeous.

More looks after the jump.

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Posted on March 1, 2011

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