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Paillettes, paillettes, three cheers for paillettes!! This silver tux coat’s fab but I am even more in love with the Valentina tee. The look’s from Iceberg, which I usually find you have to be Euro, and a pretty weird Euro at that, to appreciate but this collection was over all surprisingly great.

Piazza Sempione is another line I don’t recall being wowed by in the past but this collection was lovely. This pale pink, casual/luxe look is especially beautiful.

Emporio Armani dazzled me with this look. I love when outfits look flawlessly thrown together. You don’t see pants, tunic, cardigan – you see eccentric elegance.

Armani again with these gorgeous balloon skirt gowns. Not usually my thing but these are really lovely. I could imagine getting married in the one on the far right. Or at least really ruining someone elses wedding by showing up in it.

Didn’t like Pucci on Gwennie, though I am one of those that can’t stand the woman so how could I? But this white ensemble makes me happy in a way that belly tops rarely do. The whole collection had a very of the moment Dia de Los Muertes vibe (did anyone else notice there were more than a few sugar skulls ladies out on Halloween? A great idea but somehow suddenly ubiquitous)

Aqualino.Rimondi with its architectural shapes, soft palette, and elaborate prints was one of my favorite shows from Milan. It was tough to choose one favorite but I love the shape and interesting mix of silver and gold of this one.

Glad to see pink was still big in Italy. This pale cut out mini is just the right mix of pretty and Versace slutty.

Whereas Marni got their bubble gum hue on with just the right mix of sexy and Marni dorkiness.

I won’t lie, Prada was not my favorite. I thought the first applique was a squid, found out it was a hot rod, and it was over. But have to love a knee length soft leather forest green pleated skirt. Killer.

Oh! this see through bulky cable knit cardigan would be so rad to have in the in between seasons. Throw it over a summer dress in fall, a tee and jeans in spring. Too bad finding something like this for the less than wealthy is hopeless.

Not wild about the necklace afterthought, but the black gloves, the uptight stiff collared shirt and the dangerous looking silver skirt is more than a little bit genius.

Jil Sanders’ clinical whites are inspiring me to seek out white knee high boots. The Picasso sweaters were also amazing.

Where Moschino was too costume-y, the farmers market themed Cheap and Chic was just goofy enough to be fun but totally wearable. I’d love a poof skirt dress with a green grass print!

This Dolce and Gabbana look makes me want to go on vacation now, this instant. I want to wear this with a huge brimmed hat, have someone place a lei around my neck and eat complimentary fruit plates with some beach appropriate cocktail. Now!

D&G somehow made scarf prints fresh again. Lots of fantastic hippie dresses on display but this mini was too great not to share.

Antonio Marras was one busy man. First, there was a nice collection with cute looks, and then, at the end an entire second collection on a different vein, including this awesome folksy skirt at jacket. I could incorporate this into my wardrobe so easily. Will have to keep an eye out for similar vintage items.

Oh my goodness! Cut out two tone oxfords! I am dying over Ter et Bantine’s shoes.

Ok, this is Albino dress is what I’d like to wear to someone’s wedding without committing any faux pas.

Not many people were on the super luxe excess train but this silk parachute pant red purple animal print look from Ferragamo is timelessly tacky – and I sincerely mean that in the best way. If I were to start full time work again tomorrow and had a boat load of money to buy my first day outfit. I’d wear this (sans cleavage). It would be awesome.

Dsquared2 took obnoxious to a new level with the Heiniekin infused rich hipster collection. BUT my god, the embroidery on these jeans!

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Posted on November 4, 2011

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