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converseI'm reposting this for my friend CJ, anyone interested, please contact him:

Hey Everyone

I am looking for people for John Varvatos for Converse campaign to be shot in NYC at the end of October. It pays $2500 + agency and the ads will run for 6 months throughout the US.

Looking for cool hip people in their 20s. you can see the ads that are out now all over NY.

also looking for cool bands as well.

You would need to be in NEW YORK within the next couple of weeks for me to take some pictures of you. If you aren't available for me to meet and take pictures then I cant submit you.

email me a photo and your contact info to Celedon@Jenniferstarr.net



Come on, someone please do this! (I am serious). I would love to see someone I know as a “cool hip person” on tv. Hmm, I see a stark white back ground with jump cuts – annoying Hershey's Chocolate commercial mixed with all the apple ones. Anyone take my bet?


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Posted on October 9, 2006

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