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bb sandwich bar cheese steakAfter a bad night sleep and the slump that followed, I was starving by lunch time. I knew I wanted a sandwich, I knew I wanted something new. In a cursory search online, I found BB Sandwich Bar, home to a reportedly unorthodox but delicious cheese steak. They proclaim it to be “The Best Damn Cheese Steak Period“.

A bold statement from Gary Thompson, the man behind this sandwiches reinvention. And it's a statement bound to draw fire from those devoted cheese steak connoisseurs who make no concession about what makes a “real” cheese steak. But forget those people. If foods were always and only made the “way they were supposed to” eating out would be a very boring adventure indeed.

Besides, this is a great sandwich because Thompson's just as obsessed as those cheese steak fans he told New York magazine “I've been perfecting this sandwich for years tweaking spices, sweating onions.” The result is a five dollar delicacy of balanced tangy and salty. I'm totally surprised by the lack of a line, or even another customer when I went. It shares it's space with a cupcake shop (I'll try those later) and somehow from the street gives off the impression that it's a computer repair shop, so maybe more people just haven't been aware of it. You are not one of those people anymore, so go and have at it.

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Posted on September 15, 2008

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