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bacon candyCan you imagine anything nicer than enjoying a beer in a friends backyard and having someone come up to you and say “There's bacon candy in the kitchen”?

I recently lived this fantasy, and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of culinary delight. I had to stop myself at one piece, both for my health and so I wasn't that girl at the party that ate all the bacon.

The chef told me she made her (delicious) version with brown sugar, much like this epicurious recipe for Caramelized Bacon. I have found variations on the theme on line. This forum discusses the addition of walnut bits and flour.Another, called Bacon Brittle, involves corn syrup and pecans. This seems to be more of a hard candy with bits of bacon inside.

I failed to get a photo, but the mouthwatering one pictured comes from flickr.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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