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Baby Fiesta

Wow, my due date is getting ever closer. Only roughly seven weeks left til Van’s arrival and my wonderful friends and family threw me a most excellent cat themed fiesta the other day. Some of the most incredible cooks I know (Mike, Shaun, Krista and my sister) graced us with an amazing spread. All homemade: slow cooked meats, chipotle salsa, guacamole, churros donuts, pepitas, cat shaped tortillas, and spicy chocolates, yummmmm. Plus, the visual highlight- creepy awesome cat head cupcakes from Ruthy’s (see more about them in the dessert section).

Julia and Stacy were there to organize the games, which included a heated race to down a baby bottle of screwdrivers (Josh beat them all with a little bit of clever trickery). Mostly it was just wonderful to spend the afternoon with so many loving, great people – from brand new friends to girls I’ve known since kindergarten. Van is so lucky to inherit you all (and all out dear friends and family that couldn’t make it) as his extended family. Loads of photos below/after jump.

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Posted on August 29, 2010

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