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B Flat 22 Church Street Every bit as good as the bartenders' other venue, Angel's Share, which is saying quite a lot. A darker, speak-easier vibe more apropos for the coming Fall and Winter months due to its lack of windows and basement location, B Flat still manages to pull off the superior cocktails and plush environment that has made Angel's Share such an underground destination; only without the rules so do feel free to bring lots of friends, though still make sure they don't act like jerks, it my not be a rule, but the environment is very chill and civilized.

There are also no crowds, we enjoyed our after work drinks on a Thursday in near isolation from other patrons. Great for getting a booth, not so great on securing this excellent bar's existence, and if it closes it would be a shame. The Lady in Satin is still on the menu (the best drink of last year on Brix Picks) only with slightly different ingredients but the same tastiness that gets me so giddy. I also tried the wasabi infused vodka and sake “Giant Steps” cocktail while Jim settled easily into the girly, fruity “Misty” made with rum, chambord, calpico, lemon juice, blueberries and champagne. Astrid strayed from their original concoctions and had a fancily garnished and expertly handled Old Fashioned. This is a romantic place, very welcoming and easy to spend your time in.

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Posted on October 8, 2007

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