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australian homemade ice creamAustralian Homemade, a bright, clean and friendly ice cream shop sits right next door to this week's picks Crif Dogs and PDT, making it a perfect ending for an evening of indulgences.

On their website, Australian Homemade boasts of their natural ingredients, their rich flavor, and the true homemade touch – everything is made on the premises with as many fresh ingredients as possible. It all makes for some great copy, but did they deliver on taste?

In a word, yes. We split a generous scoop of chocolate chip which did, indeed taste rich and even a bit malty. To put their freshness to the test, a scoop of their luxurious looking strawberry would probably be a better indicator, but I will have to treat myself to that another time.

Children's birthday parties can be held there too, and I have heard tell from a mother who as been to more than one that the staff do a great job keeping the kids happy.

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Posted on December 10, 2007

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