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counting crows august and everything after August and Everything After was a Junior High gift from a very sweet girl who in no way meant it maliciously, but good god I wish this thing had never been housed under my roof. I guess that's why it's on the list, the fact that unlike other annoying albums, which I just never bought, this one mocked me with its presence on my shelf.

Didn't Adam Duritz know I was too cool to buy into his Bob Dylan routine? I know there are probably worse albums out there, although the grating ernest faux sincerity of Round Here and the maddening pop 90s classic Mr Jones are indeed truly terrible, so maybe not.

Not everyone agrees, it has garnered some outrageous praise on Amazon's reviews. One man says “This album just hits you and does not let go.” With that I'll agree–like a baseball bat to the solar plexes and a vice to the head.

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Posted on November 13, 2006

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