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When I discovered that the meaty jowled Zen ass kicker, Steven Seagal had a line of energy drinks called Lightning Bolt: Asian Experience under his “Mojo Priest” moniker, I was more than intrigued.

My mom headed down to Walmart to see if they some to send me (don't you all wish you had mom's so cool) only to find that Seagal's energy drink was passe. They cleared the shelves for Hulk Hogan's energy drink instead. Fools!

Just because the man is now straight to video can't erase the power of Fire Down Below.

As for the drink itself, well, we had to order online and have to order at least ten cans and nine of them will probably stay put in my fridge. It has an odd smell and aftertaste, but the brief moment between the two is like sugary apple juice. And the photo of him on the can is worth the money.

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Posted on March 31, 2008

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