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I seem to have a soft spot for husky voiced little tough girls of privilege. I used to enjoy an occasional game of Scrabble with one back in Austin.She was scrappy and beautiful in an asexual way and she was constantly getting on or coming off prescription drugs and always teetered on the edge of something.Her tattered, semi-dangerous existence and my safe, relatively boring one fit together oddly but nicely.

Frequently nude actress Asia Argento reminds me of that old friend. I saw her once on the subway and at first glace I thought she was just another French teenage boy until a fan boy began fawning over her father–the famed and formerly absolutely genius horror maestro, Dario. It was very exciting once I realized who she was and since then, she’s become more famous in the US so when I tell people about my brush with fame, they actually know who I’m talking about. Unfortunately she’s got the Vin Diesel vehicle xXx and The Land of the Dead to thank for that. And about seven thousand naked photos.

Aside from having a famous body and tattoos, she is a strikingly good actress, usually the only spark of vitality and fascination in an otherwise boring movie (Marie Antoinette, anyone?)?Right now she’s starring in The Last Mistress and, while it’s reported that she was a nightmare on set, word has it she gives an outrageously great performance.

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Posted on August 4, 2008

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