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serrano artichoke 1080 recipes1080 Recipes, a huge, beautifully illustrated book of Spanish cooking is said to be “Spain's answer to the Joy of Cooking“, but not until this year was it available in the U.S.

Greek mythology says the artichoke began when lovely young mortal girl caught the eye of Zeus. He made her into a goddess, but homesickness caused her to sneak back to the world of mortals under Zeus's nose. He found this behavior to be tacky and, in disgust, threw her back to the world she missed so much – transformed into the artichoke plant.

The plant is a popular ingredient in the US, France and, of course, Spain, where this recipe comes from. Serrano ham, a delectable cured meat traditionally produced in the mountains of Spain adds a salty rich flavoring to the stuffing.

The recipe is easy but takes about an hour for cook time alone, so plan accordingly. Also, I am not sure how this was intended to be eaten, but I may have not trimmed the artichoke enough. It was still great but required a bit more participation to eat.

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Posted on December 31, 2007

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