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In an attempt to ward off an oncoming scratchy throat, I decided to take a long bath and went in search for an aromatic candle to accompany me. We went to Chopin Chemists, a local Polish pharmacy that focuses on detoxing and was met with an entire wall of candle options. I really wanted one that smelled like firewood. Diptyque makes a fifty five dollar version, but there's just no way. So I was thrilled to find this fourteen dollar option, in nice, sophisticated packaging.

It was a bit startling to get it home and find that dude staring up at me from the box, but the product, a mild piney scented white candle was pleasant and according to the box for healing.

Jim has suddenly and inexplicably become really into candles ( I blame all the tarot readings and chart readings we've been having) and this is a good deal better than those saint grocery deals that are kitschy and witchy but lack the calming scent of fresh cut pine.

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Posted on April 7, 2008

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