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aroma sandwichAroma Espresso Bar is known for their very good coffee, but it's proximity to my work has made it an ideal lunch spot with surprisingly good food if you can get over the cafeteria style layout that often allows people to take up three or four seats by themselves with all there crap hours after they've sipped the last drop of coffee.

Clearly, it's a practice that unnerves me, but when we can find a seat, the sandwiches and salads more than make up for it. While their Caesar is too full of dressing, I recommend their Aroma Special Salad. The grilled chicken breast sandwich is great, with their fluffy home made bread, Joe's Dairy Mozzarella, arugula, and red peppers but it's the Halumi with cream cheese, pickles, lettuce and tomato (pictured) that put me over the edge and made me think that it's about time I made this place a pick of the week. It also makes up for the not so good avocado sandwich that features that too smooth fakey guacamole stuff.

The large windows are perfect for people watching and you can always grab an expertly made latte on your way back to the office.

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Posted on January 26, 2009

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