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It's been years since we have indulged at the amazing Aquavit restaurant. Since then, it's changed locations and gone is the Rockefeller indoor waterfall. It was not missed in the face of their 48 dollar epic buffet brunch.

As you go through the offerings, one plate at a time, you'll start (if you follow the suggested order explained in the menu) with eight different kinds of herring. The pickled and the garlic were my favorite. Next comes my favorite section: both hot smoked and cured salmons with sauces. Move on to cold cuts including a supreme salami and cheeses including a sharp swiss. Next are the hot entrees and no matter how full you are, the meatballs and lingonberries are no to be missed. But you won't be done until several of the bite sized and larger desserts are consumed.

It's decadent and indulgent. We had to rest between platings and left stuffed with the cuisine of Sweden to the brim. A crisp beer or a danish mary (made with dill infused auavit) accompany the breakfast.

The atmosphere is sophisticated but more laid back than I expected which was nice. You'll be sharing space with tourists with more adventurous palettes and old moneyed people who embark on this pricey brunch regularly. For us it's a once a year extravagance that I hope to turn into a yearly tradition.

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Posted on August 3, 2009

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