Songs »Aquarela do Brasil

by Ary Barroso (1939)

Aquarela do Brasil, which is the most famous song from the namesake country, most vividly calls to mind the disutopia of Terry Gilliam’s psycho baby mask, plastic surgery, and radically bombed vision. However its been adopted, covered, and used so many places by so many people you might be more familiar with it from the Disney goes Latin animation Saludos Amigos or the discofied version by this week’s style icons The Ritchie Family. No matter the version you listen to though, you feel the strong urge to sway your hips and take a plane to warmer climates (accompanied creepy images of squashed bugs and huge golden Samurais if you still can’t get the Gilliam association out of your head).

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Posted on March 7, 2010

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