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David Ackles American GothicBut, Brittany, shouldn't you be recommending the entire album if you can pick any one from the whole album and listen contentedly? Well, let me explain: Despite having a fondness for all songs on this album (“One Night Stand” and “Waiting for the Moving Van”) stand out particularly. I simply can not recommend the album in its entirety because of its uncanny ability to annoy to the point of sickness if you listen to too much of it.

That's my theory at least, and I stick by it. Absolutely no offence to Mr. Ackles. You, sir, made a fine melancholic and melodramatic showtuney album, with a hint of cynicism and sarcasm but it's just too much to listen to together. Try it, readers, and see if I am just crazy.

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Posted on March 19, 2007

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