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angel's shareI know I use superlatives quite a bit, but I am one hundred percent serious when I say that the Lady in Satin drink (sake, violet infused vodka, and, um, something else I can't remember) is the best drink I have ever had in one of the most pleasant and civilized bars, if not in the city, then certainly downtown. Not that you would know it from the exterior.

Angel's Share is located in a building with a non descript tattered red awning. You go up one flight of stairs, into a bustling Japanese restaurant, then take a left into an unmarked door. Next to the door a sign that states their rules: No groups over four, no standing, no screaming and no shouting. If this sounds too strict then you shouldn't go.

Behind the door you will find polite waiters that will seat you, lovely decor, jazz music, a great window for street watching, and – I am really not joking – the best drink I have ever had in my life.

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Posted on October 9, 2006

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