Songs »Angel of the Morning

by Juice Newton (1981)

Just call me angel of the morning angel!
Just touch my cheek before you leave me bay-bee!

I dare you to listen to these words and not feel the urge to stand up, with your long hair flowing, and emote dramatically à la Juice Newton. If you don’t feel this urge, I certainly hope you’ll never attend one of my karaoke parties, because you sound like the kind of person that could really bring the mood down.

Of course, the Newton rendition is a classic and strangely one that I remember hearing while in a rib restaurant as a kid… but upon researching the passionate ballad that made cheek-touching sexy, I’ve learned that it’s been sung by some of my favorite ladies including PP Arnold, Olivia Newton John, and Dusty Springfield.

By the way, it’s about being ready for some pre-marital balling.

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Posted on February 7, 2010

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1 Comment

  • From Dumpsk on February 8, 2010 at 11:58 am

    I grew up listening to the version by Merrilee Rush that was one of my mom’s favorites. Though I liked it too, it always sounded tragic and regretful to me. I hadn’t heard the Juice Newton version before. The words are the same, but it sounds hopeful and strong. An interesting evolution of attitudes from 1968 to 1998. Connie Francis passed on the song because it was too risque. That would have been an intense version for sure. Thanks for reminding me of this great song!