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amoeba music LA It's getting harder to find reasons to buy hard to find stuff at actual stores. I hate to put places out of business, but most can be found on line, and in NY, Kim's Video has really fallen. In the last four times I've gone there looking for something, I have left empty handed.

But LA is lucky, they have Amoeba Music, the mammoth favorite stop for music and movies and the number one destination our friends wanted to show us. You can find anything here, and often things find you. We gravitated to their impressive import section and walked away with The IT Crowd, Mighty Boosh Season 3, and Russ Meyer's Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens.

Open late, this is a refuge for like minded lovers of all things movie and music related. Steve Coogan once said that if he ever feels like being recognized in the US, he just has to walk around Amoeba, the only place he'll find all his stuff on DVD and all the fans that buy it.

A real must for any trip to Los Angeles.

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Posted on May 19, 2008

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