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alpacas americas stonehengeThere are many mysteries surrounding New Hampshire's favorite roadside attraction, “America's Stonehenge“.?Is it as their many brochure's found all over New England rest stops will lead you to believe? Even the owners themselves don't want to use strong words to describe what it is and what it isn't.?In fact, this is the wording on their website: “America's Stonehenge is most likely the oldest man-made construction in the United States (over 4000 years old)”.?

“Is most likely!” Whoa! you have me sold! 4000 year old ruins maybe made by the same Celtic druids that once built England's Stonehenge! I'm there!?Or wait, maybe there were built by the vikings.. well OK, that's still interesting.?Err wait, no maybe they were built by the Native Americans… oh, you don't see that everyday, i'm still down.?Umm OK OK, maybe its the rules of a 1890's farm house and the sacrificial alter is just where they made soap, not killed people… but did I mention we have Alpacas?

WHAT??? Award winning alpacas.?And although these adorable south American animals have nothing to do with the actual “attraction” there (what ever that is) they are a reason to stop by.?In fact they sell them, and their wool, and magnets with their pictures on them.?I mean what else is there to do in southern New Hampshire but pay 4 bucks to enter a classic American roadside attraction stuck in the middle of the suburbs and pet their alpacas. Oh yeah and buy crystals and new age books at their gift shop. In the end, it's 4 dollars well spent.?Even if you still leave scratching your head asking what the hell was that.

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Posted on March 30, 2009

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