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ANTM The beast is back, and I have to say she's got a good group of girls with her. This season's going to be rip-roaring – I can just feel it.

Mr Jay is more bulging than before (I hope his painted tit shirt still fits him) and crazy snatch Janice has made her appearance already, so hopefully we won't have to watch too much more of her.

We had Top Model's first racist, some playtime nudity wagering, bad drunkenness (I want to say up front that I hate Gina), pseudo divas (also hate Jade – she is right, she should have been discovered by now if it was meant to be, so guess what…) and some girls I actually kind of like (so far anyway).

Danielle is my favorite and not just because her occupation is “babysitter”, I also like the gap tooth, and the sass that's not too bitchy with a pinch of humor. Leslie is my second favorite because, simply enough, I think she is pretty. You think I'm too into ANTM? well, “Don't get it twisted!” is what I say to you.

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Posted on March 13, 2006

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