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algonquinThe Algonquin may have been named for the famed hotel and the brilliant men and women that drank at the round table, but I have heard it starts and stops with being named after them, that they didn't even drink the thing.

Even if they did, they were drunks! Who can trust a drunk to make wise decisions when mixing drinks? It gets late enough they'll mix sake, nutmeg, and detergent to catch a buzz. This drink tasted like rotten sick.

OK- hold everything. Seriously the day I wrote this, Mike and Shaun appeared at my door a bit hammered. They had just had an Algonquin, at The Algonquin and promise the real thing is worlds away from the canned Goya pineapple juice version we made ourselves.

So, in conclusion, the Algonquin is reportedly just fine when you pay top dollar for it at its place of origin – if all you got is canned pineapple juice leave it alone! A home made version is not worth it.

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Posted on November 12, 2007

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