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alfred hitchcock presentsRediscovering these psychological thriller anthologies has been yet another benefit of the Roku. I remember watching these, which reran frequently, as a kid – in awe of his paunchy silhouette and witty commentary.

Actually, his introductions and closings still make me laugh and even though the clever plays in between are thoroughly entertaining, he's the best part of the show. It's amazing how well these hold up, just like the more super natural Twilight Zone. Sure, not all are exceptional but after almost five hundred episodes, a dud here and there can be forgiven.

I've found this to be a comforting way to pass wintry Sundays with old famous guest stars like Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner, and Roddy McDowell who I just saw as a guest star on the Buck Rogers episode entitled Planet of the Slave Girls.

It was revised in the 80's and I think I was a pretty big fan of that too – I remember an episode where a man is fooled into thinking he's being arrested, but it's just a ruse to surprise him with a birthday party, but the shock ends up giving him a heart attack. Isn't it strange the things you carry with you and remember for decades? But, as fans of the show probably know, Alfred Hitchcock Presents was full of little stories that echo.

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Posted on February 2, 2009

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