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alec baldwinMr Alec Baldwin has several strikes against him and his involvement in movies like Along Came Polly and the abomination that was Cat in the Hat are the least of them. He once joked about killing wives and children on national TV and then there's that phone call?But the worst flaw is that he is a Baldwin at all.

Having a crush on him is like mooning over a member of the bad news clan of crystal meth making, dirty town weirdos that had lice (see the likes of The Little Friend, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and The Bumpeses from the work of Jean Shepard). Even if you have a crush on the one that did finish grade school, you're still tainted by the longings you can't deny for a member of the disgraceful family.

Stephen's latest ventures, if I may call them that, even overshadow an outburst of “little pigs” but I, shamed to say, could ignore all Alec's shortcomings solely based on his phenomenal turn as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. Let's just say that in my opinion, the mentoring upper class executive never left the bubble.

For those of you who have inexplicably still decided to ignore the funniest show currently airing on television, for further proof that my crush is justified I'll point you to his powerful man in a suit performance in Glengarry Glen Ross, and a gentler, more glasses and checkered shirts type of guy role in Beetlejuice. You can also become converted to my way of the hairy chest in (what was strangely an absolute favorite movie of mine as a pre teen) Married to the Mob.

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Posted on March 30, 2009

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