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al di laThank goodness for summer Fridays. Al Di La, one of Brooklyn's most beloved and highly praised restaurants has always been on my list, but with reported epic (as in up to over two hours) waits for dinner, it never seemed like a culinary outing that was going to happen for me and my impatience. During a weekday lunchtime, however,?the antiquey, sunshiny corner spot is pretty quite and the food is still noteworthy.

I loved my mushrooms with polenta and a poached egg (pictured) and my companions' grilled cheese and short rib sandwiches were so tasty we all barreled through our dishes without thinking to offer each other a taste. We did split the irresistible fig and ricotta gelato though, a heavenly little sweet to cap off a great meal.

The beer list is short, but the choices (both from an obscure Italian brewery) were good and the wine list is long. Thankfully the kindly and cute waitress was able to help me pick a dry rose.

The atmosphere was beautiful for a lazy afternoon meal and catching up with an old friend. If the buzz of more popular dining hours leaves you spinning, stop by at an off hour to enjoy the excellent menu in peace.

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Posted on August 10, 2009

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