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funny bodypaintMy friend Brett is offering his services, see below…(please note photo is not his work, just an idea I found for all you ladies)

Hey Everybody,
With Halloween falling on a Tuesday this year, I'm guessing there may very well be some costume parties spanning from tomorrow night through to at least Tuesday.

I've decided to get my airbrush from home this Saturday and experiment with doing some high end costume make-up for my costume this year. If anybody would like to have some make-up done on themselves, I'd be happy to help out. The first few I do, I'll just ask for the cost of the make-up. That's probably about 6 to 13 bucks a color depending on the permanence, body coverage and pigment required. Once I get an idea about how much labor it actually is and get comfortabale doing it, I'll will start charging a moderate fee. Of course, having your face painted like member of Blue Man Group would cost you alot less, than having your entire body painted w/ some intricate multicolor design. I doubt any of you would go for full body make-up anyway w/ the weather being so cold. I mean really, which one of you would wanna walk around naked to begin with. I just through that out there to illustrate that the more complex the job, the less like a favor and the more like commissioned work it would become. If anybody is interested e-mail me about when you want it done and what you want to be, or give me a call.


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Posted on October 30, 2006

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