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Holy Batman, Batman!

One of the Olsen twins most ingenious moments was in the titling of their film “How the West Was Fun”, which could equally suffice for the title of a biography of our beloved Adam West (he went with Back to the Batcave, while Burt Ward, in a tell all tall tale of supposive missed opportunities and female fan orgasms, went with Boy Wonder My Life in Tights).

His delightful, deadpan yet over the top acting was the cornerstone of one of TVs greatest pieces of tongue in cheek, surreal comedies. Of course I speak of the ahead-of-its-time Batman series that, while certainly less universally lauded as the more recent extremely dark and grim take on the DC Comic character, is far more awesome in my estimation. I just can’t imagine Christian Bale growling “In good bat-climbing as in good driving one must never sacrifice safety for speed!”.

West spent many years type cast as the caped crusader but recently has gained new popularity as a voice actor in many popular animated shows.

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Posted on July 11, 2010

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